The Marcole Group’s diverse and experienced management team can provide the ability to maximize all aspects of the real estate options in the education sector. Our team will do all the ground work to acquire, develop, and lease properties. Our expertise and knowledge can bring solutions to various public, private or non-profit organizations such as charter schools, tutoring and test prep centers, public school choice organizations, educational administrative offices and more.

With extensive experience in real estate services, as well as financial and entrepreneurial innovators, our team works hand in hand with each educational facilitator to ensure that each school and/or business we work with may expand their operating capabilities. Our goal is provide our clients with access to great facilities and let them focus on what they do best: educating children.

Our mission is to help schools, entrepreneurs and leaders finance, build or expand their school or business facilities.  With our technical assistance, innovative underwriting and financial support, The Marcole Group can assist businesses in securing their first leased facility, commence operations, and fulfill their company’s goals and objectives.