At The Marcole Group, we strive to serve the K-12 educational market and real estate needs of our clients in the education sector by providing innovative solutions that deliver tangible results. Within our education management services we bring extensive experience in the K-12 education market, as well as a unique and customized solution to your company’s needs through our seasoned staff, established relationships with top tier specialists, and cost saving processes. Our real estate services can provide the ability to maximize all aspects of the real estate options in the education sector such as acquire, develop, and lease properties. We have our main guiding principles that are never compromised: valued relationships with our employees, long-term relationships with our clients, and advanced technologies and methods. Our passion stems from our personal commitment to supporting educational institutions and businesses in the joined effort to promote a mutually beneficial venture.

The company’s management team collectively brings over 50 years of management and leadership experience in the industry. This legacy of success and proven results drives the company to continue to move forward, offering exceptional services and solutions. Our strong relationships with various tutoring organizations, online learning companies, education technology businesses, and test preparation services enables us to provide our clients with the ideal solution for their company’s needs. With extensive experience in educational management and real estate development as well as financial and entrepreneurial innovators, our team works hand in hand with each educational facilitator to ensure that each school we work with may expand their operating capabilities. Our leadership team includes experienced veterans in the fields of education, educational design and management, learning platforms, technology, business, human resources and operational processes.

Our educational management and real estate development platform was built on the premise that we will provide all tools, resources, and techniques necessary for companies to be cost-effective and successful. We want to address the challenges you face and provide solutions so that you can concentrate on your company’s vision and objectives without hassle.

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