Welcome to The Marcole Group

The Marcole Group offers management services and solutions to K-12 educational companies and real estate services to the education sector. Our K-12 educational management team operates and implements an entire system for your business needs or offers tailor-made solutions to targeted areas of our client’s needs. In addition, our real estate team works hand in hand with educational facilities to ensure that each organization we work with can expand their operating capabilities.

The Marcole Group strives to meet the needs of our clients in the K-12 education sector. The depth, diversity, and experience of our work coupled with our on-the-ground knowledge gives us the unique expertise in helping all our clients. We provide the best models and solutions to the important challenges facing our clients and their communities.

The K-12 educational management team works with various businesses such as tutoring organizations, online learning companies, education technology businesses, and test preparation services in order to maximize the operating efficiencies of our clients. With a wide range of expertise, we can tackle the full spectrum of our client needs in the education space or customize solutions to target specific areas of need including detailed back office support, successful operational processes, assessment and curriculum platforms, sales professionals and much more. In addition, our real estate services helps schools, educational entrepreneurs and leaders with their facilities to ensure a successful educational experience for their students.

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